Isla Blanca County Park Activities
Isla Blanca County Park Activities

 To make reservations or for park information call: 956-761-5494

Welcome to the Isla Blanca County Park Activities Web Site.  We hope this information will make your stay in the park, whether it is one day or many months, more enjoyable.

News and Events

(Updated - March 15, 2015)

Activities in March:

Most activities for the Winter Texan season have now ended at the park. There may be a few activities which will take place in the small room at the Activities Building, but you will need to check with any leaders of the activities who remain in the park. Other than that - we look forward to seeing you next fall! If you are just checking out the park for the future, we have a link to a sample calendar for a typical month during the season.

  • Sample Activities Calendar.

  • Park Winter Residents have fun:

    If you spend all or part of the "Winter Texan" season at Isla Blanca Park on South Padre Island, you will find many activities to enjoy. You will also have a chance to meet new friends and renew old friendships at the park or just sit on the beach and enjoy watching the water. While we will not be adding any more pictures from the 2014 - 2015 season, we will leave some pictures of activities and scenery on this page. To see more, take a look at some of our "Yearbooks" from past seasons. There you will find photos from several years of Winter Texan time at Isla Blanca Park. You can get there from our links bar above, or just click on the one below:

  • Yearbook Home - All Yearbooks

  • Rummage and Crafts Sale:

    The Rummage and Crafts Sale brought out both people with lots of things to share, both crafts and rummage items. Here is one picture from the day. If you click on the picture below, you will see more.

    Turtle Rescue 2015:

    When the water temperature in the Gulf near South Padre Island gets too cold, the sea turtles can need help to survive. Once the water warms up enough, the turtles need to be returned promptly. This requires the help of both professionals and volunteers. Below are two pictures of the rescue effort this year.

    Photo by Dora Taylor
    Photo by Dora Taylor

    Did You Go to the Pancake Breakfast?

    On Saturday, Jan 17, a lot of park residents came in for a great Pancake Breakfast. A couple of pictures from that morning are shown below. Many thanks to all the volunteers who made it possible and all the people who came out to make it a success. Click on any picture below to see some more from that morning event.

    Looking Around the Park:

    Nice Spider Lily. There are things that you just see in the park or in the area which just deserve a picture. If you find one of those, please send it in for this web page. Just e-mail it to Click on this picture to see a few others which we have received this year.

    Spider Lily

    Pictures from the past:

    Here are just few of the many pictures you will find in the Yearbooks from past years: (you can click on these pictures for more about them)

    Picture Your Pet 2011
    Euchre players at play 2013
    Chili Dinner 2013
    Do you know your Sea Beans? From the Scrapbook
    Zumba Class 2013
    Volunteer Dinner 2013
    Craft Fair 2013
    Turtle Rescue 2011

    Restaurant Page:

    In our "Local Links", we have a page that will give a little information about some restaurants in the Rio Grande Valley. In most cases, we will give you some pictures and a short write up about it. Needless to say, these are not done by professional restaurant critics, but we wanted to share people's favorite restaurants with others. We welcome you take a look by clicking here: Restaurants. Also, we want your notes on restaurants, even if you do not have pictures. There is a link on the page for you to send in your comments.


    Please use sidewalks or walk on the side of the road racing traffic if no walkway is available. Also, please wear something white or reflective if you walk at night. Don't forget, most of us driving in the park this time of year are not teenagers with sharp vision and quick reflexes!! Be safe and keep your pets safe from us.

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    Your Participation Wanted!

    Activities Blog:

    You can participate by posting information on the blog. This blog is a place where you can ask questions, make suggestions, and read other people's comments. You can get to the Blog by clicking here: Click here for the blog. You can also get to it by clicking the link at the top of this page where it says "Activities Blog". Once you get to the blog, click on the "leave a comment" link under the posting.

    Asking for Help:

    If you are interested in helping with photographs for this website or in any way with giving information to be posted, please e-mail me at Isla Blanca Webmaster. You can just click on this link, or if that does not work, use this address in your e-mail: If you take pictures with your phone and want to send them to me to be included, just text them to 972 975-3195. Please include a brief (or lengthy) description of what the picture is of and the people in it.

    E-Mail Submissions:

    Please contact us via e-mail. You can send your questions, comments, and requests as well as your stories and pictures to us using this link:  Contact the Webmaster

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    Weekly Games - Done for the Season! See You in the Fall.


    Mondays and Thursdays at 7pm in the Bingo Hall. Cost is $2.50 per package of 10 games.
    Lots of Winners! Refreshments available and the price is right! Come join us for a night of fun!! This is available to Park Residents ONLY !!


    Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm in the Rec Hall.
    This is an easy-to-learn card game. If you want to learn it, refresh your skills, or just play without any pressure to win we will have lessons starting at 1:30 pm every Thursday in February, in the activities building. These lessons should get you ready to play at our regular evening games.


    Every Wednesday at 1:00 in the Rec Hall. We are looking for a volunteer to run this activity.

    Game Night

    Every Friday night the Rec Hall is open to all who want to play cards, dominoes, board games, etc. Bring your friends and play some games! Please note that although this night is set aside for informal games, occasionally a dinner or special event will be scheduled on that night so please check the calendar or reservation schedule.

    Photos by Alfred Lanctot

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    Regular Activities - Done for the Season! See You in the Fall./h1>

    Line Dancing

    Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Rec Hall. Price: Donations for any class given. Check calendar for details. Dance for fun and exercise.

    Tom and Bonnie Lawrence will be teaching - Beginners, Advanced and Partners

    Wood Carving

    Friends get together in the Bingo Hall to share ideas, everyone welcome.


    Get fit at the park. This will be a "low impact" Zumba class. Our instructor this season is Liette Prevost. She will make the class fit the needs of the students.


    Instructor: Vicki Jones. The focus is on proper nutrition and stretching for maintaining good flexibility.


    Come and make jewelry with friends.


    Come and sing or see your friends and neighbors give it a try every Sunday at 5:30 pm and Thursday at 1:30 pm.

    Photos by Alfred Lanctot

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    Meals - Done for the Season! See You in the Fall.


    These are in the Rec Hall on the first and third Saturday. We plan to serve from 7:30 to 9:00 am. We alternate between Pancakes and Sausage and Biscuits and Gravy.

    Special Dinners

    There is a planned pot luck dinner for both Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

    Regular Potlucks

    Wednesday nights in the Bingo Hall. Bring your own table service and a dish to pass. The eating begins at 5:30 pm sharp! Come early to set up your food and grab a seat.

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    Special Activities Information

    The Dolphin Dove Activities Center includes two buildings - Bingo Hall and Rec Hall. Activities are scheduled in both of these buildings. The Bingo hall is only unlocked during scheduled activities. If you wish to schedule a private event, you will need to obtain permission from the Bingo Director.  The Rec Hall is open when activities are scheduled. When it is open, all are welcome to make use of the facility.  Please check for scheduled activities to avoid conflicts.

    The activities at Isla Blanca Park are generally conducted by volunteers.  Specific classes are taught by qualified individuals who may collect a fee for their services and/or material. The majority of activities are open to the public (beyond those camping at Isla Blanca or Andy Bowie) as long as there is sufficient room without excluding park members who wish to participate.  The main exception to this is Bingo.  Since our bingo is conducted under an exception to Texas licensing requirements, it is limited to park residents.

    WI-FI: Wi-fi is available in the park through Orbit Broadband in Harlingen, TX. While the signal strength seems good throughout the park, some people have had problems getting connected or staying connected. If you are experiencing problems, please let Orbit know so they can assist you. If you have questions or need technical support from Orbit you can contact them either by phone or e-mail. Their phone number is (956) 797-9222, their general e-mail address is and their technical support e-mail is at You can sign up and pay through a secure system when you first get on line.

    Emergency 9-1-1 Information:

    Here are a few things to remember throughout the year if you are in the park:

    • If you call 9-1-1 for an ambulance to go to your RV, you need to send someone to the gate to show them the way to your RV space.
    • If you are calling from a cell phone, your call may go to one of several different dispatchers, so please stay calm and answer all their questions. The initial call will go to a law enforcement dispatcher, and for a medical emergency they will transfer you to the EMS services dispatcher for our area.
    • According to the EMS who was at a meeting in 2009, Texas has a "good samaritan" law. Under that law, if you are a bystander in an emergency situation, you will not be liable for damages for efforts to help someone so long as your efforts are in good faith.

    ALUMINUM CANS for recycling can be placed in the barrels provided either in the Bingo Hall or the Rec Hall.  The cans are recycled by the Activities Club to defray some of the activity costs.  Please DO NOT  put plastic bags in the can barrels.  If the cans are contaminated with other material, they will not take them.  THANK YOU.

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    Special Numbers

    Police Emergency - 911

    Other Park Contacts

    Park Police
    9 am - 5 pm

    Park Police
    after hours

    Emergency Maint.
    9 am to 5 pm

    Emergency Maint.
    after hours
    This is a pager - punch in your 10 digit phone number and someone will call you back.

    Contacts list

    Phone No.

    Activities Director
    Dora Taylor

    Bingo Director
    Joe Fortugno

    Park Manager
    Pete Garza
    Park Office

    Head Clerk
    Park Office

    To contact us about this web site, e-mail to: - this is not the park office e-mail

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